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Trifolio-M acquires shares of Biocont Polska

“Andermatt Biocontrol and Trifolio-M GmbH new shareholders of Biocont Poland.”
Biocont Poland was established in 2006 as the third company within the Biocont Group.

The group of Biocont Companies focuses on modern, low residue and organic solutions for a broad spectrum of pests and diseases in a wide range
of crops across the agriculture markets in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Vietnam. Thanks to 26 years experience, Biocont Group
is able to provide growers with top quality products from the worlds best specialized manufactures as well as their own products. Biocont Group
combine these into plant protection and nutritional programs which bring extra added value to growers seeking innovative approaches.

Biocont Poland began its development with the introduction of Typhlodromus pyri to fruit crops, mainly for apple trees on the Polish market.
Over the years the product portfolio has constantly been expanding. Currently, in 2018, Biocont Poland offers biological protection systems for fruit
and vegetable crops. Biocont Poland, as a part of the Biocont Group, has started business relations with many experienced companies on the European market.
Biocont Poland has also launched its own trademarks on the Polish market. Important relationships with European suppliers have been established. Within these
cooperations, the company is able to offer a broad and strong product portfolio to all customers in Poland.

In January 2018 Andermatt Biocontrol AG and Trifolio-M GmbH became new shareholders of Biocont Poland which strengthened their relationship.

Andermatt Biocontrol AG is a leading biological plant protection company. Key expertise of Andermatt Biocontrol AG and its subsidiaries includes development
and production of new baculovirus and other microbial-based products. Andermatt Biocontrol AG have registered and commercialized novel crop protection and
nutrition solutions worldwide.

Trifolio-M GmbH has been committed to distribution and development of highly pure biomaterials since 1985. Located in Cental Germany, Trifolio-M provides
its global partners with biological plant protection products, biological biocides, pheromones and other application-ready products. Trifolio-M GmbH is the
manufacturer and registration holder of the well known insecticide NeemAzal®-T/S.

For Biocont Poland this is an opportunity for further dynamic development. For Biocont clients this is additional confirmation of the credibility of
Biocont Poland as a strong partner in plant protection.

The mission of Biocont Poland is to provide Polish growers with a wide range of biological solutions for protection and production of plants.
Biocont Poland also plans to provide further consultation services and close cooperations to national growers.

Biocont Poland strategy is based on promoting biological control in pest managing programs by building customer’s trust and spreading knowledge among growers
in ecological and integrated plant productions.

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