Trifolio S-forte

Ecological Additive

Trifolio S-forte is an additive for plant protection products to support the uptake of active ingredients and improve the distribution of the applied spray film. Trifolio S-forte is suitable for organic farming.

Trifolio M S Forte Additive

Areas of Application

Vegetable Cultivation
Fruit Cultivation
Ornamental Plant Cultivation

Trifolio S-forte at a Glance

  • Mode of Action
  • Miscibility
  • Plant Compatibility
  • Additional Information

Trifolio S-forte delays the drying of the spray coating, allowing especially systemic agents to penetrate the leaf more easily. In addition, by reducing the surface tension, it ensures that the spray solution is evenly distributed on the leaf surface (better wetting). This noticeably increases the effectiveness of the plant protection products.

Trifolio S-forte can be mixed with numerous products:

  • a variety of chemical pesticides including sprout-suppressing substances
  • Azadirachtin, sulfur, copper, bacillus thuringiensis and virus preparations
  • plant fortifiers incl. rock flour
  • nematodes
Man sprays vegetables in the field

Trifolio S-forte is characterized by good plant compatibility. Variety-related reactions in ornamental plants cannot be completely excluded.

Container 5 L
Shelf Life
3 years, from the date of production
Store in a cool and dry place, but not below 10° C
pure plant oils with surfactants based on renewable raw materials
Waiting Period
BVL-Listing number
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