Highly Pure Biomaterials

Natural Protection for Plants, Humans and Animals

Trifolio-M GmbH has been committed to the research and the production of highly pure biomaterials since 1985. Located on the site of the Hessian Lahnau, we supply our European and global partners with biological plant protection products, biocides, pheromones and other ready to use products.

family owned for 35 years

What We Offer

Plant Protection & Additives

Trifolio-M Tripheron®-Pheromone


Tierschutz Biozide

Biocides &
Animal Protection

Biological Plant Protection

We obtain the active ingredients in our products from renewable resources. Nature offers many opportunities to use its own protective mechanisms and to ward off pests or combat fungal diseases. We research these plant- own defenses and try to make the results transferable to a broad range of applications. A good example is the Indian neem tree. A standardized, safe and sustainable extract is obtained from its fruits in a complex process. In combination with an easy-to-use formulation, this extract develops, among many other effects, outstanding plant-protective properties.

35 Years as a Family Business

Element 5100

Our company has been family-run for several generations.

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Our team consists of 30 employees.

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We believe in long term service of our employees.

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Cohesion is important to us – we can only achieve our goals together.

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