Latin name Thysanoptera
Host Plants fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and Eggplants, ornamental plants and sensitive indoor plants such as orchids, palms or rubber plants
Appearance Adults: 1 - 3 millimeters in size; elongated; black-brown coloring; narrow, black and white striped wings
larva: wingless; green, yellow or whitish body
Time of Infestation Vegetables: May to August
Indoor plants: all year round
Greenhouse: all year round
  • Damage
  • Evolution of the Pest
  • Infestation Control

Due to their size, thrips are difficult to recognize. One can recognize an infestation however very well by the damage pattern. Thrips suck out the outer leaf cells with their proboscis, leaving silvery, white spots on the upper leaf surfaces and the flowers, which can later turn brown. This can lead to deformations in young leaves and heavily infested leaves die off. The damage pattern of thrips is similar to that of spider mites. The difference is, however, that spider mites form threads and, unlike thrips, have a rounded body.

Thrips lay between 60 and 70 eggs, from which a reproductive generation has developed after 4 weeks. The so-called fringe-wingers like it dry and therefore occur above all in apartments and greenhouses. Since they are so small, they are easily carried by the wind to other plants.

As soon as thrips are visible on the plants or blue and yellow panels show the first catches, the affected plants should be isolated.

Control of Thrips with the Biological InsecticideNeemAzal® -T/S
To control thrips, the plants should be treated with NeemAzal®-T/S at the beginning of infestation (adults/larvae) or when the first symptoms (spots) become visible with a 0.5% treatment solution. The treatment should be repeated after 7 and 14 days. Please refer to the product information for the exact application rates.

NeemAzal®-T/S can be obtained from specialist crop protection retailers. Please contact our distribution partners. A certificate of expertise is required.
Our natural insecticide is available for use in the home and garden sector under the brand names of our partners in many garden centers and specialist retailers. Find more information here. hier.

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