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NeemAzal®-T/S (ecological insecticide)

  • For the use in:
    Orcharding, ornamental plants, vegetable gardening and agriculture

    General information:
    Different parts of the tropical Neem tree Azadirachta indica A. Juss are used in India since times immemorial for curing many diseases. In a holistic perception the protection of plants and animals against diseases and illness is a medical issue as well. The leaves and especially the seed kernels of the Neem tree and their extracts have been used for the control of various insect pests in India. On behalf of different reasons there is a demand for standardised natural products for plant protection today. Our research has combined the experience of the thousands year old Indian experience and modern demands for plant protection products. The result of our development is NeemAzal®-T/S.

    Mode of action:
    NeemAzal®-T/S contains NeemAzal®, the purified active ingredient of the seed kernels of the tropical Neem tree Azadirachta indica A. Juss. The active substance permeates into the leaves and is distributed partially systemic in the plant; the pest insects take it up orally upon feeding (sucking or biting). NeemAzal®-T/S has a special mode of action. It stops the insect´s feeding and plant damaging activity. However, a “knock down” effect should not be expected. Within a few hours after application of NeemAzal®-T/S pest insects become inactive and after a few days the population does not develop any longer and collapses.
    After the treatment with NeemAzal®-T/S larvae react with feeding and moulting inhibition and mortality; adult (beetle) show feeding inhibition, infertility and to a lesser degree mortality. As a result of this comparatively slow „insectistatic“ mode of action of NeemAzal®-T/S a final assessment of the treatment should be done 7-10 days after application under practical conditions. The number of dead pest insects is not necessarily a good evaluation criterion. For the assessment the following criteria are appropriate: loss of leaf mass, damage to leaves, formation of honey dew, yield of crops, development of the pest population, positive effects on beneficials.
    The success of the application of NeemAzal®-T/S depends on the progress of the pest infestation and adequate timing of the treatment. NeemAzal®-T/S is harmless to most beneficials. They are an important factor in the control of the remainder of the pest population. NeemAzal®-T/S can favourably be combined with the use of beneficials in the plant protection conception.

    Active substance:
    1% Azadirachtin A (10 g/litre) corresponding to max. 4% NeemAzal(natural Neem-Kernel-Extract).

    Not dangerous to honey bees under the recommended application conditions.
    Harmful for populations of Episyrphus balteatus (Diptera), harmless for populations of Typhlodromus pyri (Acarina), Poecilius cupreus (Coleoptera), Cocci-nella septempunctata (Coleoptera), Aphidius rhopalosiphi (Hymenoptera)

    Shelf life:
    2 years after date of manufacture.

    Store cool and dry! Storage below 10° C can lead to precipitations in the product. The precipitation can be re-dissolved by warming up to approx. 20-30° C with-out loss of activity.

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  • “Approved for organic farming” certificate (PDF) or follow official Link to BVL list.

  • MSDS NeemAzal-T/S (english)