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Research and development

The Trifolio-M GmbH develops methods for manufacturing and purification processes for phytonutrients. Preparative and analytical laboratories (GLP certified) are available, and the ability to conduct efficacy studies in the laboratory, in the greenhouse and in the field.

  • is another area of research at Trifolio-M. The goal is to prevent fruit and vegetable crops prior to damaging infestations (phytopathogenic) of fungi by using a special developed plant extract. We pay particular attention to the case to the biological / organic crop at present only with copper-containing agents controlling late blight and late blight (Phytophthora infestans) in potatoes and tomatoes as well as the cause of gray mold (Botrytis cinerea).

    Since the human and financial capacities were limited in the company for a long time, there could not be a large amount of research. That has been changed from 2007 through the recruitment of additional staff. Relatively at the same time, there was a cooperating institution, received a contact to a Greek research group with very interesting results, which were obtained with an extract of a medicinal and aromatic plant in the application against some fungi. Trifolio-M acquired the patent rights to the production and application of this extract and is now working to bring a fungicide as soon as possible on the market, based on this extract. With the help of public money these very complex and cost intensive development work is going on. Trifolio-M receives the money by participating in national and international projects: E 4428 GREEN PROTECTION (€ stars), joint project: ” Development of a biological control agent from licorice with secure action in outdoors, using efficient application technology ” focal point 1:” Industrial research and Fundamentals ” project 1: ” Formulation, standardization and extraction optimization (BÖLN) ” and COFREE: ” Innovative Strategies for copper-free low input and organic farming systems ” (Seventh research Framework program).

    In Parallel, we also investigate in further projects the possibilities of whether and in what form, extracts from agricultural by-products and waste products out of the vineyard and the timber industry can be also used as fungicides: “valuable materials and ingredients from grape marc,” Pro Inno II; “production of alternative fungicides from grape marc as a copper substitute for organic farming “, and BÖLN “FORESTSPECS: Wood Bark and Peat Based Bioactive Compounds, Speciality Chemicals, and Remediation Materials from Innovations to Applications, (Seventh Research Framework program)”.

    Currently a team of four scientists is working in this internally as “Pilzbrut (= fungi)” designated area. Their tasks include in particular the development of safe and effective formulations for the use in organic farming. By the addition of emulsifiers, UV stabilizers and excipients the active ingredients of the extracts should be ready to spray and also stable on the plant. The aim is the protection of the infection with fungi  within a period of 10 days.