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NeemPro®tect (natural biocide against oak and pine processionary moth)

  • General information:
    NeemPro®tect is a natural biocide containing Margosa extract. This natural neem seed extract with the active ingredient NeemAzal® has been successfully used in organic farming for many years.

    Mode of action:

    NeemPro®tect immediately stops processionaries and kills them within a short space of time, ensuring reliable protection. NeemPro®tect is not a contact poison. The pests do not die immediately, but the full effect sets in after a few days and offers long term protection.
    The caterpillars ingest NeemPro®tect when feeding on treated leaves. The substance takes effect immediately. Highly effective in the larvae stages 1 + 2 before developing  poisonous urticating hairs.

    NeemPro®tect at a glance:

    • Reliable protection, high efficacy
    • Easy to handle, requires no special safety measures
    • Low consumption (ca. 100 ml per tree)
    • Notified in accordance with EU Directive 98/8/EC and approved for organic farming (included in the List of Products for Organic Processing issued by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL)
    • Environmentally compatible

    Shelf life:
    Two years after date of manufacture.

    Store cool and dry! Storage below 10° C can lead to precipitations in the product. The precipitation can be re-dissolved by warming up to approx. 20-30° C with-out loss of activity.

    Hazards posed by urticating hairs of the oak processionary moth:
    The caterpillars’ poisonous urticating hairs are carried by the wind, affecting human skin and respiratory tracts and leading to severe reactions.
    They cause itching, inflammation of the skin and irritation to respiratory tracts. Further frequent symptoms include dizziness, drowsiness and fever. In individual cases, intensive contact with urticating hairs can result in circulatory shock.
    Urticating hairs of processionary caterpillars remain poisonous for several months.
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    Use NeemPro®tect safely. Always read labels and product information before each application.

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  • License:
    BAuA registrationnumber: DE-0011980-18

  • Here you found the safety data sheet for Download.