Ecological Insecticide

Our Quassia-Extract-MD is a plant extract obtained from the wood of the quassia plant (bitter wood tree) and is used to reduce infestation of sawflies (Hoplocampa spp.) in pome and stone fruit.

Quassia Amara Extrakt und Rinde

From the Wood of the Quassia Plant

Quassia-Extract-MD contains quassine, the pure active substance from the wood of the quasia plant or the bitter wood tree. The active ingredient is obtained as a powdery plant extract in a specially developed process.

  • Areas of Application
  • Mode of Action

Quassia-Extract-MD is used against sawflies (Hoplocampa spp.) in pome and stone fruit in the field.

Quassia-Extract-MD contains the active substance quassine, which permeates into the leaves and is distributed partially systemic in the plant. It is ingested by pest organisms via suckig or feeding. Quassia-Extract-MD has no immediate toxic effect (no “knock down”) and has a special multi-stage mode of action. Within a few hours after the application it has an inactivating effect on specific pest insects. They cease their food uptake and thereby their plant-damaging activities. The developmental and moulting processes of the pest organisms are inhibited, which leads to mortality after a few days.

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