The Special Care for your Animal

NeemPro®Tierpflege is a special care product for your animal. Besides Margosa extract as NeemAzal® (plant extract from neem tree), it contains vegetable oils and skin-friendly, washing-active substances. NeemPro®Tierpflege pleasantly nourishes irritated and itchy skin of your animal. Since only a small amount of the concentrate is required for each treatment, several treatments can be carried out with the offered container sizes.

Trifolio-M NeemPro®Tierpflege

From the Kernels of the Neem Tree

NeemPro®Tierpflege contains Margosa Extrakt in Form von NeemAzal®, the pure active ingredient from the kernels of the tropical neem tree Azadiracta indica A. Juss. The active ingredient is obtained as a powdery plant extract in a specially developed process. The extract clearly stands out from inferior and sometimes harmful neem oils, which can contain questionable impurities and are not approved as plant protection products in Europe due to lack of standardization. Our extraction process guarantees a consistently high quality.

The long way from the neem tree to our ready-to-use concentrate:

Production Process Neemprotierpflege
Production Process Neemprotierpflege

The neem tree was discovered thousands of years ago as a special tree. Since then the substances contained in the neem seeds have been used to naturally combat ectoparasites on humans and animals. In the tropical origin of the neem tree, the caring properties for healthy and strong hair have always been highly valued. Currently, neem is used in cosmetics, and both animal and plant protection.

Areas of Application

NeemPro®Tierpflege can be applied to the following animals:

Small pets

NeemPro®Tierpflege at a Glance

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Dilute NeemPro®Tierepflege with water and apply to the entire (dry) coat – even against the direction of coat growth.
The product can be applied using a spray bottle or sponge. For herd treatment, back sprayers can be used. Make sure that the animal is completely saturated. Keep the treatment solution away from the eyes.

NeemPro®Tierpflegedoes not have to be washed out. Whether small animals, pets or farm animals, NeemPro®Tierpflege can be applied to all animals.

Recommended application amount:
For use on dogs:
Mix 5 ml NeemPro®Tierpflegewith approx. 200 ml water

For use on cats:
Mix 5 ml NeemPro®Tierpflegewith approx. 200 ml water

For use on sheeps:
Mix 10 ml NeemPro®Tierpflegewith approx. 1 L water

For use on horses:
Mix 50 ml NeemPro®Tierpflegewith approx. 1 L water

Container 100 ml | 1 L
Shelf Life
2 years, from the date of production NeemPro®Tierpflege is free of preservatives and has a limited shelf life. Therefore, please pay attention to the expiration date.
Store in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 15 and 20° C. Storage below 10° C can lead to precipitations in the product. The precipitation can be re-dissolved (without loss of efficacy) by briefly heating the product NeemPro®Tierpflege to approx. 20-30° C.
Margosa extract (neem), pure plant oils with surfactants based on renewable raw materials
NeemPro®Tierpflege is intended for external use. Always read the product information before use.

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